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Google for India 2021 has just completed its seventh edition

Google for India 2021
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Google India has just completed its seventh edition of Google for India 2021. Publicizing a series of programs for major technology experts planning for the country. Google’s sweats are growing from their operations and services to new hookups with nonprofits and other associations.

The new way blazoned by Google will be reflected in the product development process. This allows features that have noway been seen in all of its operations like Google Search, Google Pay, Google Assistant and further. In addition, the company will take way to produce literacy, employment and health safety across the country.

For illustration, Google has blazoned the inflow of the first-ever-enabled Google Assistant policy, end-to-end in India. Listed to start from early 2022. This point will allow druggies in India to simply ask Google Assistant to bespeak a place for them. The point will work in English and eight Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

To find out further about similar Google services, then we look at the important adverts made at the Google for India event.

Google Search

Google has updated its Search in India to promote the use of search engines in local Indian languages. With this, Google Search will now translate web pages into the preferred Indian language for users. Web pages will be automatically translated based on a search query. This means that after a Google search in Hindi, the webpage you open will be automatically translated into Hindi. Users can also check the source language and return to the home page if necessary, starting with the search query. The new feature is often accessed from any mobile browser that supports Google Search and is now available in five Indian languages including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. So, Google says more languages will be added soon.

As the first feature in the world, Google Search will now be able to speak search results aloud in your favourite Indian language. This feature will be possible in Hinglish and five different Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil.

Google Pay

Google will soon allow the use of voice commands in Google Pay for transactional, verbally text-to-speech. Users will be able to speak the bank account number in Hindi or English in the app and complete the payment amount.

  • Another first global feature, Google added the Hinglish option to “Google Pay”. With this in mind, Google aims to make Google Pay communication more accurate and natural.
  • Bill Split comes as a new Google Pay tool to make shared expenses easier. As it turns out, the feature will split the costs between the victims, helping the group to track costs evenly. This feature comes as an add-on feature for groups in Google Pay.
  • To help merchants, Google has announced MyShop a quick store creation tool, where merchants using Google Pay can easily add photos, descriptions, prices for their business and share it online with their Business Profile.

Google says all of these features will be live on “Google Pay” in the coming months.

Weather alerts

Google has announced three key features which will help Indians stay informed about weather updates. Features are specially designed to assist those living in extreme conditions, be it flood-prone or low-lying areas.

  • First, Google has partnered with the Central Pollution control panel to produce the newest Air Quality Information to Google Search results. People can now simply look for Air Quality on Google to seek out real-time AQI in their region.
  • Google also collaborated with the Indian Department of Meteorology (IMD) to introduce Weather Notices about extreme weather. IMD weather alerts will appear within the ‘At-a-Glance’ section on the house screen of your Android phone, also as in Google Search, within the event of a severe weather outlook in your area. Such conditions may include heavy rainfall, heat waves, cold waves, thunderstorms, floods, and more. Users also can stay on top of such updates with simple questions like “Weather near me.”
  • Google claims to possess improved its forecasts to double the time interval for warnings during floods. the corporate also revealed that it covers about 17 per cent of the local population within the affected areas through these warnings. “Since the beginning of the hurricane season this year, we’ve issued a minimum of 110 million notices to a minimum of 20 million affected people,” Google notes on its blog.

Google Learning and Careers

Google has also announced a variety of steps to assist students to gain knowledge or experience professionals learn the new skills set by their channels. Here’s a glance –

  • Google Classroom, a learning platform designed by Google for college kids and teachers, will now work offline. With this, students are going to be ready to download content whenever they access the web and work thereon later. the category will now leave the delivery of more photos as homework.
  • Additionally, parents and students are going to be ready to access practice content with the Custom Search Practice feature. The feature will feature topics from Maths, Physics, Chemistry for top school level learning in Indian education providers like Byju.
  • For professionals, Google has announced the new Certificates of labour for IT Automation, Project Management, Data Analysis and UX Design. Developed by Google, these professional certificates are going to be available through Coursera for Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000. Google also will offer Google Career certification scholarships to 1 lakh students.

Vaccination appointment on COWIN, guided by Google Assistant

We have worked jointly with COWIN to aid this integration, where people universally will be able to easily book time for a vaccine in a more targeted way. It will give them access to information and health care that would otherwise be impossible – a good example of how technology can close the gaps in access, and make a meaningful variance in people’s lives, Google said in a statement.

video credit: Google India

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In conclusion, Google has a huge market in India. So, google focuses many of its products on India. They even launch some India specific products and services. So, the whole Google for India 2021 is been described above.

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