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How do Google doodle works and its features

How do Google doodle works
Image Credit: Googledoodle official YouTube Channel

“A Google Doodle is a unique, irregular modification of the logo on Google’s homepage that flashes a particular special topical content”

A History of Google Doodles:

From its first doodle – In 1998- to the launch of today’s 101st Doodle, 101 years of doodles have been created. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of them and look back at how they have evolved from being playful to educational.

In 2012, most people have access to an Internet connection and everyone has a web browser. This means that people with low literacy levels or without a good understanding of internet browsers may find it difficult to use the web. That’s why for this year’s International Women’s Day doodle, we decided to help out – with subtitles!

How does doodle work?

When you visit a website with the doodle, you can click on the image to watch the doodle animation. You can also view the doodle animation at the top of Google search results.

If you can’t see the doodle animation or you want to see it again, you can re-watch the doodle animation by visiting

How to add a doodle to your website

  1. Register your website at the Google Webmaster Central Blog:
  2. On the Blog page, click on “How to create a doodle for your website”
  3. Click on the button to add a doodle to your website.
  4. Select a theme for your doodle.
  5. Enter your text and select a time zone.
  6. Save your doodle by clicking on the “Save” button.
  7. You can view your doodle on your website by visiting

For more information about doodles, visit:

What are its features?

  1. Your Doodles

If you’re feeling inspired, you can make your own doodle for your website. You can upload your doodle to your website, and you can use your doodle on your website as long as you have a valid license from Google.

  1. Find out what is happening or trending in your group or area

In addition to creating a doodle, you can also view the doodles that have been created for the websites that you visit. You can find the doodles in Google Search results and Google Maps.

  1. Interactive map

You can also create interactive maps. Google Maps is the map service provided by Google. It is a powerful tool that lets you visualize information in 3D.

  1. Calendar

You can also use the Google Calendar service. You can create a Google Calendar for free. If you have a Google account, you can sign in to your calendar using the Google Calendar service.

  1. Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is a database of structured information about things, people and places. The Google Knowledge Graph can answer questions about things and people.

Some of the best Doodle by Google

  1. Wubbo Ockels’74th birthday
    Drs. Wubbo Ockels has come to the first Dutch citizen in space, and this Google Doodle is celebrating his birthday. Renowned for his positive outlook on life, he was a master of nonstop power. We love the effect of the zero-graveness shown then as it gently rolls back into space. And the moustache is veritably nice, too.
  1. Carnaval de Barranquilla
    This portrait, created to celebrate the Columbian festival, includes a mask and traditional costume. A joy portrait exhibition was created to celebrate the Carnaval de Barranquilla of Columbia, a periodic festivity of artistic heritage ranging from traditional, African, and European societies. Note the traditional mask and costume in the middle of this character-filled, swish image that will elevate the smile.
  2. Great Kanagawa surge
    Hokusai’s most notorious oil is well integrated with the Google totem (Photo Credit Google)
    Google Doodles frequently blends unique art with the Google totem in smart ways, and then’s one of the stylish precedents. To celebrate the birthday of Japanese artist Hokusai, this 2010 Google Doodle redesigned his hottest oil, the good background Kanagawa, which was a megahit.
  3. Moscow Metro
    Vintage Russian bills have inspired this Google Doodle, celebrating 80 times of Moscow’s Metro (Photo Credit Google)
    . One of the greatest wonders for beginners to Moscow is that its Metro stations are elegantly furnished like a cross between a castle and a gallery. This 2015 Google Doodle gives you a taste of what’s stored, with a thrilling image inspired by old Russian bills.
  4. 2017 International Women’s Day
    This encouraging Google Doodle symbolize the pioneering job of 13 literal women.
    In this Google Doodle, the bitsy girl’s grandmother tells her a bedtime story about her favourite heroines, from US intelligencer Ida Wells from Korean activist Lee Tai-youthful.


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