Date: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

How will artificial intelligence change the future?

How will artificial intelligence change the future
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These days the AI is emerging at a great rate. Also, this AI has a great impact in the industries as well. This AI is making its innovation in many things like IoT devices, robotics, analytics and data science. Moreover, it will have a great influence on the future. It will also come with some threats. So, let us learn how this will change in the future.

Uses of AI in today’s world

Artificial intelligence has had a major impact on the healthcare sector, especially since last year’s epidemic.

  • Predictive statistics, machine learning, and AI have played a very important role in drug discovery and vaccine development. AI will enable health care systems to track and monitor patients in real-time. Also, it will obtain genetic information and individual lifestyles. Algorithms will address the problems of diagnosing health conditions and determining appropriate treatment.
  • The integration of AI and human intelligence will lead to the development of high-security technologies in the future. AI will empower the right warfare against cyber attacks and growing crime.
  • AI has a lot to offer in the field of transportation and manufacturing. Self-driving cars are already available today. But in the next two to three decades, the world will see more people using them.
  • The manufacturing sector will also benefit from AI. Increased use of factory robots and industry forecasts will improve product quality and drive commodities and commodities.

Future of AI in different sectors


We are already seeing how AI is affecting the world of transport and vehicles. With the advent of private cars and independent travel. AI will also have a major impact on production, including in the automotive sector.

Maybe the cabs and these taxis will be replaced by AI-based cars. So, Google is already working in this field. Moreover, now Apple is starting a new project in the automobile industry.


The potential benefits of using AI in the medical field have been explored. Medical management has an ample amount of data. Which can be practice to create speculative models related to health care. Moreover, AI is also working better than physicians in certain diagnostic conditions.

In the comparative AI-nascent medical field, diseases are diagnosed more quickly and accurately. Also, drug availability is accelerated and corrected, visual assistants monitor patients and data analysis helps to create a personalized patient experience.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is a key thing in many IT companies and these companies spend huge revenue on this. Also, nowadays the threats are increasing by 60% (according to Forbes). Already Microsoft Azure is using AI in the cybersecurity field. And companies like Google and Amazon are testing their AI capabilities in this field.

The future of AI in this field is strong. As nowadays the filtering of traffic is impossible for humans to maintain. So, without AI there are no other options. AI and machine learning will be critical tools in detecting and predicting threats to cyber security. AI will also be an important security asset in the financial world. As it can process large amounts of data to predict and capture crime situations.


AI will play a very important role in e-commerce in the future, across all sectors of the industry. All from the user experience to the marketing to realisation and shipping. We also can think of continuing with, artificial Intelligence which will continue to drive e-commerce, including the use of chat-bots. Also, it will do shopper customization, image-based advertising, and storage and inventory automation.

Amazon already handles all its pricing techniques through AI. And many other companies like Google uses AI to display ADs which will increase more. Facebook is using it to promote its business and advertisements.


In conclusion, AI is going to be the future dependency. But this will also include threats as well like the depletion of human workers. The Ai can also make wrong decisions that can lead to huge destruction.

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