Date: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Google Fi: How Privacy and security work on Google Fi

Google Fi
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Google Fi may be a different quiet phone plan. find out how you’ll get smarter coverage and helpful features, including privacy and security measures that protect your personal information. you’ll join from the comfort of your home, without contracts or activation fees.

Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan. On Fi, your personal information is protected against scammers, hackers, and other threats.

Fi plans include a VPN that keeps your online connection encrypted and private. It shields you from hackers and prevents websites from using your IP address to track your location. Fi also blocks suspected spam calls and you can stop specific numbers from calling or texting.

So you’re in control of who can reach you. These features are included with all Fi plans and are easy to use, so you can connect safely and have peace of mind.

Ready to get started? Give Fi a try today.



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