Date: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

How Google Protects Data Privacy of Your Saved Audio?

How Google Protects Data Privacy of Your Saved Audio
Image Credit: Google Support

Every day, people around the world speaking dozens of different languages with many unique accents talk to Google to get help and find information. For some people, using their voice to get things done is a convenience, and for others, it’s a necessity.

Google audio recognition technologies are designed to keep your information private, safe, and secure. When you use products like Google Assistant. When you speak to Google Assistant, Search, or Maps, Google doesn’t retain your audio recordings by default. Allow Google to securely save your audio recordings in your Google account. Help improve our speech systems and make Google’s audio recognition technology even better.

Google Keep Privacy of Audio Data

Saved audio recordings come together to improve the system for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who rely on Google speech technology. Here’s how Google protects your data if you decide to save your audio recordings.

When you use your voice to interact with Assistant, Search, and Maps, your audio recordings are securely saved in your Google account. Some snippets from that audio activity are broken down by Google’s software to improve the technology’s ability to understand what people are saying, inclusive of languages and accents.

To power Google’s audio review process, a small percentage of machine-selected audio snippets are disassociated from their Google accounts. Then trained reviewers can analyze the audio to annotate the recording and verify if the words. Words we said were accurately understood by Google’s audio recognition technologies. This helps a product like Google Assistant improve its ability to understand the language even better in the future.

So when you choose to securely save your audio recordings. You help improve Google’s audio recognition technologies for hundreds of millions of people around the world.



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