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Top 10 products and services from Google 2021

Top 10 products and services from Google 2021
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Google is one of the most valuable search engines in the world, ranked at number 1 to Yahoo!.

Now, Google has released to Tech Crunch their list of top next twenty or ten products and services they are releasing in 2021.

So what can we expect?

Gmail upgrades with artificial intelligence-powered features to help people get information when they need it, rather than searching for it.

Google News will show dynamic briefings that take into account users’ reading preferences and interests in different regions. For example, if someone mostly reads about sports, will see updates on sporting events in their region.

A new Chrome browser that will protect users’ online privacy and security by blocking sophisticated hacking techniques. It would otherwise harm people’s devices even before they happen. The new browser will also include machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that can understand how users interact with their devices, and proactively offer them features and improvements based on that.

A mobile search app for Android phones that will also let users search through a library of content they have already stored on their device.

Google Home will get a major upgrade that will make it easier to control smart home devices, with more natural language processing to make it easier for users to interact with them.

Digital products

  • So, Google Photos will get an update that will make it easier to navigate, create albums and search for photos.
  • Google Maps will introduce a new way to navigate using the camera on your phone. Google will also be introducing a new interface that makes it easier to search for nearby businesses and attractions and connect to their phone apps.
  • Also, Google Lens will expand to more devices, including smartphones. To make it easier to search for and find information on products and places.
  • Google Assistant will get a new feature that will allow it to display a “Reminders” card in your Google Calendar. So, to help you remember to do something.
  • So, Google Calendar will get a new feature that will let users see when someone else is available to meet or see a movie, and offer suggestions for meeting times and places.

Google Search Engine

Google program is that the hottest and widely used program in the world. About 60 per cent of the market share of search engines by Google. It was his first product and he was born with a PhD project from Stanford University within the mid-90s.

Today it serves as a daily search tool for people around the world, who can not even think of their daily internet without looking at Google. In fact, in Spain, we do not imagine or use other research engines and Google even prepares our homepage once we join.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser on the market and was developed by Google. According to some statistics, it is the most widely used Web browser in the world, surpassing Mozilla Firefox in market share.

Thanks to its easy interface, and the speed of loading Web pages, Chrome has become the most installed browser in a very short time. It also has extensions that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store with additional features that are very interesting. Chrome is out there for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.


Gmail is that the hottest email service used and developed by Google’s technology giant. In the USA, where the market share is high, many average-sized businesses use Gmail for email persistence. That’s why it’s the world’s most widely used free email service. In some countries, users can send money from their Gmail account.


Although every time a new iPhone comes out people buy it like crazy, most modern phones are Android. It is a Linux based mobile application and developed by Google. One of his biggest projects so far, he has even made a version of the tablet, TV, handheld and other vehicles. At the same time, Android has a large number of apps that you can download from the Google Play Store.


YouTube is the second most widely used search engine in the world and the first online video service. So in a short time, it became one of Google’s leading brands. It was first founded by three former PayPal employees and acquired by the company in 2006. It saw the drag that would be the site, today sweeping Youtuber, a source of revenue for many “Vloggers” who supply the network daily with content.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program based on the display of Google network advertising. This Google app displays ads based on images, text and video on various online websites. Publishers and writers are making money when someone clicks on one of the ads displayed on various websites.

Adsense is a large advertising network run by Google. Adsense ads are rigorously based on the data present on that website. And in order to be published, they must follow certain rules and policies.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage service used by Google. It is one of the most widely used Google services, as it allows you to have 15 GB of free storage shared by Gmail, Google Plus photos and Google Drive. However, you have the opportunity to get an additional 100 GB, 1 TB or 5 TB.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online promotion service for those sponsors who want to improve their digital appearance. Most of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. At Digital Menta, we specialize in results-oriented AdWords Campaign Management, where we are able to be recognized by Google in order to achieve 46% better results than Google Partner Agencies.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used Google products that allows us to see maps of any part of the world. So, even the roads of some major cities use the StreetView Option.



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